Why do transformers need vacuum dipping

September 18,2021

Transformers are commonly and widely used in life, their main task is to provide uninterrupted power supply to power electronic equipment. With the intelligence of life, you can wholesale intelligent transformer based ups online. Nevertheless, there is a question you need to know, such as why the transformer should be vacuum dipped?


Reasones for transformers' vacuum dipping

Improve technical strength 

The transformer is actually a loosened body composed of a variety of devices, like tripods, coils, numerous pads, pads, end pads, and the turns of the roll itself. The transformers will certainly function if they are certainly not impregnated. Under the action of electro-magnetic stress and anxiety, electro-magnetic resonance, and also technical anxiety dued to thermal development as well as contraction, it is easy to use and break up each cable turn, and also wreck the protection of each component, especially when the current is large and the damage is actually much faster.

But after fertilizing with protecting varnish, all protecting components, protecting material areas and pores of the transformer are actually all immersed in protecting varnish and also bound in to an entire to boost the mechanical toughness of the windings and also increase the resistance of the windings to numerous stresses, thus improving The service life of the transformer.


wholesale intelligent transformer based ups

wholesale intelligent transformer based ups


Improve insulation durability

Transformers are actually typically operated in an atmosphere with moisture, alkali, sodium as well as some others unsafe gasolines, which brings about increased degeneration of protection efficiency and also even protection break down. After the transformer blowing winding is actually submersed, the corrosion rate of the external environment can be decelerated.

Improve the thermal energy and warmth resistance of windings and the durability of electrical appliances

Before the transformer roll is actually fertilized, there are actually micropores in different protecting products in the insulation structure, as well as there are actually also sky voids between each team and the protecting components. These micropores and air gaps are actually filled with air, and the sky misbehaves for heat energy conduction. Body system, having an effect on the heat abandonment of the transformer. If the transformer is actually impregnated, the shielding varnish is actually satisfied in to the micropores and also blood vessels of each insulating material, plus all sky gaps, the thermic energy will be greatly boosted, considering that the thermal energy of the shielding varnish is actually 5 opportunities that of air. The temperature level rise of the ordinary plunging motor is 10K less than that of the motor without plunging, as well as the temperature rise of the suction plunging motor is 5K less than that of the ordinary plunging motor.


Why do you need to paint the transformer?

Transformers can be coated or immersed in polymer resin to increase the strength of the windings and prevent moisture and corrosion. During the coating process, a combination of vacuum and pressure can be used to impregnate the insulating material of the winding with resin. This eliminates all air holes in the winding.


How do you paint the transformer?

  • Remove all water in the winding.
  • Removes all moisture from insulating materials such as kraft paper and corrugated cardboard.
  • Removes all water from the tape like glass cloth tape.
  • Shrink the insulator and tape, tighten the coil, and set the adhesive.


These three points are the reasons why UPS needs vacuum dipping. In addition, if you are making an alternative choice for your transformer, why not try intelligent transformer based ups?