What are the Types of UPS Power Supplies

December 10,2021

The most important and prominent role of UPS is to provide an uninterrupted power supply, and the use of UPS power supply can stabilize the voltage and avoid the inconvenience and loss caused by power failure.


We will first understand its type, which can be divided according to power supply, structure, and standby time. If you have plans to purchase UPS, it is important for you to understand its types.


UPS Power Supplies

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UPS power classification

Backup UPS (Offline UPS)

It can switch to the working state in an emergency when the power fails, usually, the battery charging state. It is suitable for family use because the family does not have high requirements on the quality of power supply.



  • Low noise
  • High operating efficiency
  • Cheap


If your site requires an uninterrupted power supply, then this is not suitable for you because it has a switching time issue. But this switching time is very short, generally between 2 to 10 milliseconds.


Continuous power supply time

A few minutes to tens of minutes are mainly for you to have time to back up your data and finish your work as soon as possible.


Online UPS

The inverter is always in working condition, so there is no need to worry about the switching time. So it is suitable for areas where power outages are not allowed, such as securities, banking, communications, transportation, computers, medical care, etc.



The power supply lasts for a long time, usually between several hours to ten hours. Its main function is to allow you to work as usual in the event of a power outage, but the price is more expensive.


Online interactive UPS

Although it also has conversion time, it is an upgrade of the previous two and is more intelligent. Its protection function is stronger, and the inverter output voltage waveform is better.



Solid software feature, you can conveniently access the Internet for remote as well as smart monitoring of UPS.


It may automatically sense whether the outside input voltage is within the usual variety. If there is any inconsistency, the voltage regulatory authority circuit could be boosted or quit to deliver a fairly secure sine wave result voltage.


Moreover, it can easily interact with the personal computer with an information user interface (such as an RS-232 serial slot). With the surveillance software application, the user can directly check the energy supply as well as UPS standing coming from the personal computer display, streamlining and also beneficial monitoring, and also strengthening the computer unit dependability.


This kind of UPS has the advantages of higher effectiveness of data backup UPS and also higher energy supply premium of online UPS, however, its regularity stabilization performance is not incredibly best, and also it is not appropriate for UPS power source with continuous delay.


EA900 G4 10-20k UPS


According to its structure

UPS is normally divided into two categories: DC UPS (DC-UPS) and AC UPS (AC-UPS).



The DC uninterruptible power supply features 2 essential devices. They are rectifiers and also electric batteries.


Its working process is: when the key energy is regular, the current will offer electrical power to the load via the rectifier, and also the rectifier is going to bill the battery together.



A/C UPS electrical power supply is comprised of 3 simple units. They are rectifiers, electric battery and also inverter.


Its functioning method is: when the mains energy is usual, the existing items power to the tons via the rectifier and inverter, and the rectifier bills the battery simultaneously. 


From standby time

UPS is divided into two kinds of standard type and long-lasting type.


The standard machine is equipped with a battery pack, which can maintain power for a short period after a power failure (generally no more than 25 minutes);


There is no battery in the long-term model, but a charger is added. Users can connect multiple sets of batteries to extend the power supply time according to their own needs. The manufacturer will increase the capacity of the charger or install a parallel charger during the design.


Other categories

  • According to the composition principle, it is divided into rotating UPS and static UPS;
  • From the application field, it is divided into commercial UPS and industrial UPS;
  • From the number of phases of the output voltage, it is divided into single-phase UPS and three-phase UPS;
  • From the capacity, it is divided into large-capacity UPS (greater than 100KVA), medium-capacity UPS (10-100 KVA), and small-capacity UPS (less than 10 KVA).

There are many categories of UPS, please choose according to your needs. If you have difficulty purchasing, you can ask our UPS expert who is also engaged in many a isolation transformer.