How Does EV Charging Pile Work

March 29,2022

Electric vehicle charging facilities include a wide range of content, including rechargeable batteries, charging cables, charging interfaces, and other facilities related to electric vehicle charging in the construction of charging stations. Today I will introduce to you the working principle of electric vehicle charging pile.


How does EV charging pile work?


EV charging pile


The high-power electric vehicle charger inputs alternating current through the three-phase power grid, rectifies it into direct current through a three-phase bridge uncontrollable rectifier circuit, and provides it to the high-frequency DC-DC power converter after filtering, and the power converter outputs through direct-to-direct conversion. The required DC is filtered again to charge the electric vehicle power battery.


The AC charging pile is generally in the conventional charging mode, and its human-computer interaction interface adopts a large-screen LCD color touch screen. Four modes of charging can be selected: fixed power, fixed time, fixed amount, and automatic (until full). The AC working voltage of the charging pile is 220V±15%, and the rated output power is 3.5KW and 7KW. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the charging pile for ordinary pure electric cars.


Due to the low cost of charging piles, they are mainly installed in parking lots and are suitable for slow charging power batteries.


In conclusion


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