Everything You Should Know About Transformer-based Online UPS

September 11,2021

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Transformer-based online UPS exporter


Transformer-based online UPS exporter --- East Group


What is transformer-based online UPS?


Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also known as battery backup, is a device that provides battery backup in the event of a power failure or an unacceptable voltage drop. A small UPS system can provide power for a few minutes; it is enough to shut down the computer power in an orderly manner, while a larger system has enough batteries for several hours. In mission-critical data centers, the UPS system is only used for a few minutes until the generator takes over.


The UPS system can be set to remind the file server to shut down in an orderly manner in the event of a power outage and battery exhaustion.


How many kinds of transformer-based online UPS?


Different UPS topologies provide specific levels of power protection. In general, UPS is divided into three types:



Standby UPS is the most basic UPS topology. The backup UPS uses battery backup power in the event of common power problems such as power outages, voltage dips, or voltage surges. When the input mains power is lower or higher than the safe voltage level, the UPS will switch to DC battery power and then convert it to AC power to run the connected equipment. These models are designed for consumer electronics, entry-level computers, POS systems, security systems, and other basic electronic equipment.



Online UPS is an uninterruptible power supply using double or delta conversion technology. Through double conversion, the network equipment will not get power directly from the AC power outlet. Instead, alternating current is transmitted to the rectifier, where it becomes direct current. Next, it reaches the battery and then the inverter. After inverting back to AC power, the power is delivered to the equipment. Through this online UPS equipment process, computing equipment will continue to receive clean power. Through incremental conversion, a certain amount of power is sent to directly run computers, routers, and other devices. This creates an energy-efficient online UPS system in which some power supplies skip the processing steps.



Line-interactive UPS incorporates the latest technology to correct minor power fluctuations (undervoltage and overvoltage) without switching to the battery. This type of UPS has an autotransformer that can regulate low voltage (for example, power failure) and overvoltage (for example, expansion) without switching to the battery. Line interactive UPS models are commonly used in consumer electronics, PCs, gaming systems, home theater electronics, network equipment, and entry to mid-range servers. They provide power during events such as power outages, voltage sags, voltage surges, or overvoltages.



What is the opinions about transformer-based online UPS?


The advantages of using an uninterruptible power supply include:


  • There is no delay between switching from the main power source to the UPS.


  • Compared with generators, it can better support key instruments.


  • Consumers can choose the type and size of UPS according to the amount of power they need to provide to the equipment.


  • UPS is quiet, that means, there is no noise.


  • Compared with generators, UPS systems have lower maintenance costs.


The disadvantages of using uninterruptible power supplies include:


  • Unable to operate heavy equipment, because the UPS does not have a battery.


  • If an unqualified battery is used, the user may frequently replace the battery.


  • The UPS may require professional installation.



What is the applications of transformer-based online UPS?


Business: The downtime caused by power outages is frustrating for anyone, but it may cause financial losses for the business or organization. Every year, UPS's avoidable power interruption causes downtime to cause billions of dollars in losses. For Fortune 1000 companies:


  • Average annual cost of unplanned downtime, US$125-2.5 million
  • Average hourly cost of infrastructure failure: $100,000
  • Average hourly cost of critical application failure: US$500,000—US$1 million
  • Due to the limited ability to generate revenue during the downtime, small and medium-sized enterprises may face the greatest financial risk.



Home: Due to unexpected power outages, voltage fluctuations, or other power interruptions, the electronic devices you rely on for communication, security, and entertainment every day are at risk of damage and failure. UPS provides battery backup power and protection for electronic equipment, including:


  • Wireless network equipment (router, modem)
  • computer
  • TV set
  • Security system
  • Game console
  • Mobile devices