Best Tips to Get Right Photovoltaic Inverter

January 06,2022

It is not difficult to choose the correct photovoltaic inverter, you only need to master the following tips. Keep scrolling down to see the best tips.


Sufficient rated capacity

The rated capacity can meet the electrical power requirements of the equipment under the maximum load. If it is an inverter with a single device as the load, the selection of the rated capacity is relatively simple.


Capable of resisting capacitive and inductive load impact


A soft start or current-limiting start

For their own safety, small inverters sometimes need to use a soft start or current-limiting start.


Installation precautions and maintenance

  1. Check and confirm whether the inverter is damaged before installation.
  2. Ensure that there is no interference from power electronic equipment in the installation site.
  3. Before making electrical connections, be sure to use opaque materials to cover the photovoltaic panels or disconnect the DC side circuit breaker. Exposing to sunlight, photovoltaic arrays will generate dangerous voltages.
  4. Only professional and technical personnel can complete the installation.
  5. The quality of other accessories is qualified.

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