Best Performance Features of Modular UPS

April 25,2022

The system structure of the modular UPS power supply is very flexible. The design concept of the power module is that it can be removed and installed at will during system operation without affecting the operation and output of the system so that the investment planning can realize "on-demand expansion" and users can realize "dynamic growth" with business development, which not only meets the on-demand expansion of later equipment but also reduces the initial purchase cost.




With multiple working modes


The product has a variety of systems to choose from and is easy to operate. It can realize a variety of incoming and outgoing line modes: 1 / 1, 1 / 3, 3 / 1, or 3 / 3, the input frequency can be 50Hz, the output frequency can be set to 60Hz, and the output voltage can be set to 220V, 230V, and 240V. If the input and output transformers are reconfigured, the power supply-demand of all countries and regions in the world can be met.


Small size and high power density


High working efficiency and high power density are its biggest characteristics. It can provide 5KVA (4000W), 10KVA (8000w), 15KVA (12KW), and 20KVA (16kw) power output.


Environmental protection


The total harmonic distortion (THDi) of UPS is 3%, the output total harmonic distortion under linear load is less than 2%, and the harmonic interference to the power grid is minimized, effectively reducing the power grid load and power loss. With excellent input parameters, it shows pure resistance characteristics to the municipal power grid. It is an ideal environment-friendly and efficient ups.


High efficiency and energy saving


Today, when the State advocates environmental protection and energy conservation, green and energy-saving modular UPS has attracted much attention, and the input power factor is more than 0.999. It reduces line loss and improves power utilization. The inverter efficiency can reach more than 98%, which improves the working efficiency of the whole machine, reduces the loss, and saves electric energy.


Expansibility, easy to install, maintain, replace and upgrade


The model is composed of various modules, which can realize the hot plug-in function, and the rack of each module can be completely separated, which is convenient for users to expand or reduce capacity in the future. It is easy to use and can realize online replacement and online maintenance, which reduces the difficulty and time of maintenance. The size of each module is designed according to the standard 19-inch structure, which makes the overall shape of the whole machine consistent with the standard frame, beautifies the appearance of the machine, and the module can be common with the standard frame.


Redundancy, distributed parallel logic control


The parallel control between modules adopts the decentralized logic control mode, without the distinction between host and slave. The dialing out or inserting of any module will not affect the normal operation of other modules. It forms an N + 1 and N + X redundant system as needed, which reduces the risk factor of the system itself and the load, and comprehensively improves the protection time of the load by UPS. It not only increases the reliability of the whole machine but also simplifies the difficulty of user maintenance.


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