5 Ways To Maintain UPS Battery Life

September 23,2021

In the process of using online double conversion UPS, we often think that the battery is maintenance-free and further ignore it. However, some data show that the proportion of UPS host failure or abnormal operation caused by battery failure is about 1/3. It can be seen that strengthening the correct use and maintenance of online double conversion UPS batteries has an increasingly important significance for extending the service life of batteries and reducing the failure rate of the UPS system. In addition to choosing a good quality battery, the battery should be used and maintained correctly from the following aspects:



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👉1. Dust is brought into the machine and deposited. When the air is humid, it will cause the control of the host to be disordered, causing the host to malfunction, and occurring inaccurate warnings. A large amount of dust will also cause poor heat dissipation of the device. Generally, it should be cleaned thoroughly every quarter. Secondly, when removing dust, check whether the connectors are loose and the contact is firm or not.



👉2. Although energy storage battery packs currently use maintenance-free batteries, this only eliminates the work of measuring ratios, proportioning, and regularly adding distilled water in the past. But external factors: the impact of the working state or abnormal working state on the battery has not changed. This part of the maintenance and repair work is still very important.



The items that need to be checked frequently in daily maintenance are: clean and check the voltage and temperature at both ends of the battery; whether the connection is loose or corroded, and check the pressure drop of the connection bar; whether the appearance of the battery is intact, whether there is shell deformation and leakage; , Whether there is acid mist escaping around the safety valve; whether the host equipment is normal.



👉3. When the UPS battery system fails, firstlyfind out the cause, and distinguish whether it is the load or the UPS power system; whether it is the host or the battery pack. Although the UPS host has a fault self-checking function, which is very convenient for replacing parts. However, to repair the fault point, a lot of analysis and testing work is still required. In addition, if there is a failure in the self-checking part, the displayed failure content may be wrong.



👉4. If the host has a breakdown, an insurance break or a device burned out, you must find out the cause and eliminate the failure before restarting, otherwise the same failure will occur one after another.



👉5. When a battery with reverse voltage, large voltage drop, large pressure difference and acid mist leakage is found in the battery pack, the corresponding method should be used for repair in time. The battery that cannot be repaired should be replaced in time, but the battery with different capacity and different capacity should not be replaced. Performance, batteries of different manufacturers are connected together, otherwise it may have an adverse effect on the entire battery pack. The battery pack that has expired should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the host.



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